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Conversation with my Princess

We were getting ready to attend a get together. Little one came to me wearing her pink dress and a crown.

Little One: Abbu, do I look like a princess?

Me: Indeed, you are my princess. Do you know who is the king (she doesn’t quite understand the term monarch)?

Little One: You are the king.

Me: Of course! I am the king of the kingdom of my princess

Little One: But we don’t live in a palace, we are in an apartment

Me: (..thinking of how to respond)

Little One: This is our apartment palace!

Me: (Masha-Allah, she is content with what we have)

May Allah make everyone of us content with whatever we have.


I work as a Data Scientist at a healthcare organization in the USA. A full time statistician and part time thinker and I love the beauty of nature.

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