I am a Data Scientist and Statistician with more than 18 years of experience in academia and industry combined.

Currently, I work as a Principal Data Scientist at ConcertAI — a Real World Evidence AI company in the USA.

As a healthcare data scientist, I provide strategic guidance for the development, validation, and use of algorithms for data-based decision-making.

I work at the intersection of computer science and statistics. I found that data science and machine learning are separate in the sense that they need to be distinguished. In my opinion, the science part of data science is statistics.

Needless to say, most of my works fall under the scientific aspect of data science.

Technology stack

Being primarily a statistician, I have a long history of using R for statistical computing and graphics. R is also my go-to language for research.

In the industry, I primarily use Python. However, I choose tools depending on the scope of the project and not merely because of how I feel about a particular tool.

Research Publications


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